2023-2024 LMBA LYNX Basketball COMPETITIVE League

Season runs October-late February/early March depending on dates for BNB Provincial Championships

Information and Fees

The LMBA Lynx Competitive program is intended for young athletes who are committed to learning and developing their skills and are serious about playing basketball at a competitive level.  Competitive Lynx Teams will represent the LMBA at games and tournaments throughout the province and at the Provincial Championships. 

With a similar format to Basketball New Brunswick’s Elite Development Program (EDP), competitive teams and training groups will be offered for U11 and U13/U14 age groups. These teams and training groups provide advantages for both player and coach development alike. This environment will encourage leadership and mentorship opportunities for all. Players will receive better coaching, more practice time, more opportunities for competition, etc. 

We will be offering the following team/training groups: 

·        The U11 Group - $200.00 ($175.00 Early Bird) plus $200.00 Team Fees

·        The U13/U14 Group - $200.00 ($175.00 Early Bird) plus $300.00 Team Fees. 

These may be tiered to allow for meaningful competition for Tournament and Game Play.  In addition, in the U13/U14 age group, depending on the number of players signing up for the competitive teams, practice players may be named.  Our goal is to develop as many players who love playing basketball as possible.

The competitive teams will be required to attend a minimum of 3 hours of weekly practice and participate in weekend round robins and tournaments.  Competitive games and tournament locations can be against any association in or out of the province.

Participation on a LMBA Lynx Competitive Team does require strong commitment from their team players. The commitment required for competitive teams may make it difficult for a player to participate in more than one competitive sport. Players who believe that this kind of commitment will be difficult for them should consider LMBA House League, which is less competitive and consequently does not require the same commitment.

Please review the below information to inform yourself of the difference between our House Recreation League vs. the Competitive Teams

House League

Competitive Team

Time Commitment

1 hour of weekly practice 

1 game on Saturday 

3 hours of weekly practice 

Weekend round robin games 

Weekend tournaments 

Attendance Requirement 

No requirement or enforcement 

80% Attendance (U11) 

85% Attendance (U13 & U14) 

Attendance will be monitored and enforced 

Practice structure

With your team (10-13 players)

With your divisional training group (up 24 players) 


$175-200 (lower cost is Early Bird) 

$175-$200 (LMBA Registration) 


·         $200 (U11 Travel Team Fee) 


·         $300 (U13/U14 Travel Team Fee) 

Plus - travel costs (gas, hotel, food, etc.) 


LMBA, KVBA, Hampton 

Any association in or out of the province


Equal Participation for all players

Practice players may be named depending on numbers in U13/U14 division

Gym locations 

Practice – school gyms in SJ 

Games – school gyms in SJ, KV or Hampton  

Practice – school gyms in SJ 

Games – any gym in or out the province 

Team Requests 

Teammate requests may be considered 

No teammate requests will be considered 

Team Structure 

Same team for the duration of the season 

Teams may vary/shift throughout the season from your training group